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Event Planning Tips From The Founding Fathers

Diplomacy, leadership, coolness under pressure, a head for logistics, a knack for problem solving, vision,...
Non-Profit Fundraising

“Fight the Famine” Gala and Fundraising Dinner Helps Those Facing Hunger

The Houston Central Community Service held their “Fight the Famine” Gala and Fundraising Dinner January...
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Channel Your Inner Creative Genius And Plan Even Better Events

Most famous for his work as an artist, Leonardo da Vinci was also, among other...
Raffle Tickets

Five Raffle Prize Ideas that Sell Tickets

Your cause may be worthy, but selling raffle tickets to strangers gets a whole lot...

Event of the Week

Event of the Week: Moments of Gold

John Marshall High School Holds “Moments of Gold”-themed Prom John Marshall High School in Rochester,...