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Winging a Fiery Fundraiser in Atlanta

By Lance Trebesch August 11, 2017

Did you know that there’s a National Chicken Wing Day? Every July 29, folks with a love for wings are given a free pass to chow down on them with wild abandon. It’s the one day a year when choosing between sauces is not a thing, because to do the holiday justice means pure indulgence.

Wing Factory has been serving up yummy food and drinks to Atlanta neighborhoods since 1997. Folks flock there for many things, but especially the wings with so many finger-licking sauces! This year, the folks at Wing Factory celebrated National Chicken Wing Day with gusto.

For Wing Factory, the holiday—and wings—really are about community. Wings are hot and firefighters are an important part of any neighborhood, so they put the two together! To do so, they partnered up Smyrna Fire and Rescue as well as Atlanta Fire and Rescue to host a wing eating contest and raffle fundraiser. Alisha Darr, Director of Marketing and Event Planning at Wing Factory, explained, “We held an ‘Eat the Heat’ wing eating contest and raffled off a number of donated prizes. Three of our locations had firefighters and fire trucks come out in support of the event!”


All four Wing Factory locations took part, each hosting an “Eat the Heat” competition that required participants to eat 10 wings each—5 inferno, 5 habanero. Whoever had the best time won! They also had a kids’ contest in which the small fry who consumed 6 mild boneless wings the fastest came out the winner. Folks bold enough to compete got t-shirts, and those who triumphed over the burn at the fastest pace earned themselves a trophy and other prizes.

Throughout Wing Factory’s National Chicken Wing Day celebration, the locations also held raffles in which folks could win awesome prizes, including a YETI Cooler, beach cruiser bike, wakeboard, and more. Raffle ticket proceeds benefitted Smyrna Fire and Rescue and Atlanta Fire and Rescue.  To track all of the raffle participants and hold the drawings, Alisha customized and ordered 1,000 Black and White Raffle Tickets . Alisha says they ran out, which tells you that wing lovers in Atlanta have very big hearts!


Thank you from all of us at TP.com to everyone at Wing Factory for supporting their local firefighters!