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Event of the Week: Daddy Daughter Dance

By Lance Trebesch March 31, 2014

La Vergne Lake Elementary School Celebrates Family Togetherness with Daddy Daughter Dance

By Monique Jones for TicketPrinting.com

Fathers and daughters were able to spend some special bonding time together during the Annual Daddy Daughter Dance sponsored by the La Vergne Lake Elementary School PTO. The event, which took place February 21 in the La Vergne Lake Gymnasium, is one of several events the PTO sponsors to help promote the sense of community the Tennessee-based school engenders.

According to its description, the school’s PTO “was established to promote the welfare, growth and education of children, parents, staff and community at La Vergne Lake Elementary School.” In order to reach their goals, the members of the PTO sponsors events and projects “that will improve the educational opportunities of the students at La Vergne Lake Elementary School.”

daddy-daughter-dance-ticketJeremy Phillips, the treasurer of the La Vergne Lake Elementary School PTO, said online tickets have been used to promote the Daddy Daughter Dance for the past four years. The tickets weren’t the only items used to promote the upcoming dance. “We send out flyers promoting the event and use the tickets for entrance into the event,” said Phillips.

“The event was extremely successful,” said Phillips. “We had over 300 parents and students attend the event.” Phillips lauded the tickets, which were able to be tailored to the school’s design.

The event itself is one that’s sure to be remembered by everyone; developing a bond between daughter and father is one of the most important parts of childhood, after all. The moment of bonding is what Phillips loved the most about the event. “The best part of the event is to see the dads and daughters together, spending the night sharing a moment in time together.”

As you can probably imagine, an event like a father-daughter dance would take a while to plan and promote. If you’re planning an event similar to La Vergne Lake Elementary School’s Daddy Daughter Dance, then Phillips encourages you to plan early.

If you’d like to learn more about La Vergne Lake Elementary School, you can visit the school’s website. Parents can also visit the school’s parent resources page, which includes links to child behavioral charts and behavior help, reading comprehension help, information on successful parent-teacher conferences, and more.

Are you developing or promoting a dance for your school, charity, business, or other type of organization? Tell us about your dance ideas in the comments section!