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Event of the Week: Sur Sangeet Charity Musical Event Helps Those in Need

By Lance Trebesch February 10, 2014

Event Benefits Pookar, a Non-Profit Organization Aimed at Helping India’s Underprivileged

The Sur Sangeet Charity Musical Event held January 25th at Cary, North Carolina’s Green Hope High School auditorium gave attendees an exciting trip through the musical world of Bollywood. The event also helped raise awareness and funds for charitable non-profit foundation Pookar.

Umesh Chokshi of Pookar talked more about the event. “This was a fundraising event for the non-profit organization with the help of local talent,” said Chokshi. The talent included singer-songwriter Sumit Parimoo, singer Amardeep Bajaj, co-founder of Thalir Arts Academy Madhan Raj, Carnatic classical singer Anjali, Carnatic and Hindustani musician Prashanthi, musician Anand, and singer Archana Lamichhane.

The platinum sponsor for the event is AvanceCare, which offers high quality, yet affordable and convenient medical care. As a Primary Care Provider, AvanceCare offers preventive and acute care, disease management, and coordination between specialists and outside facilities, if needed.

If you haven’t heard of Pookar before, here’s some background. Pookar is a U.S.-based non-profit organization involved in many philanthropic missions, including their commitment to providing education to girls and healthcare to the underprivileged members of society in India at no cost.

Pookar is a volunteer-driven organization and uses almost all the donations received for charitable work. The organization works closely with JK Yog Hospital and University in Banara Village in the district of Cutack, Odisha, India. The mission of the organization is to “improve [the] quality of life of the underprivileged sections of society through Measurement, Transparency and Accountability.”

Chokshi talked more about how Pookar promoted the event. “We used all social networking sites,” he said. “But one on one approach gave us the best results. We created an effective video to convey our message.”

The success from the video promotion showed in the huge turnout at the event. “It went very well with more than 98% occupancy,” said Chokshi.

For Chokshi, the best part of the event came towards the end.“The last song with dance along with National anthem of India was the best part of it,” he said.

If you are planning on creating an event similar to Sur Sangeet, Chokshi says creating a promotional video is the way to go. “Create [a] video presentation for effective message communication and personalized follow up.”

If you’d like to learn more about Pookar, make sure to visit the organization’s website.