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How to Get Real: Part 2

By Lance Trebesch November 21, 2012

Why Printing Real Tickets is Better for the Consumer

Many people agree that ticket scalping is a serious problem, but there also seems to be a general consensus that restrictive paperless tickets can be more trouble than they’re worth. When it comes to selling tickets, ticket buyers should have the advantage.

Because consumers are the ones shelling out cash for tickets in the first place, they shouldn’t be put at a disadvantage when buying tickets. Restrictive paperless tickets tend to put the burden of eliminating scalpers and enhancing security on the ticket buyers.

Put the consumer at ease and boost your ticket security by adding unique and convenient security features to printed tickets, instead of making ticket buyers jump through hoops to attend your events.

The Freedom of Print 

There are many options you can add to printed tickets to enhance security measures that don’t make it more difficult for consumers to do as they please with their tickets. Check out these smart security features you can add to your printed tickets with little more than a few clicks of your mouse.

  • Glossmarks can not only help boost your ticket security, they can help you prevent ticket fraud and the loss of profit that goes along with it. Simply move any ticket with glossmarks back and forth to reveal the markings and authenticate the ticket.
  • Holograms on event tickets can really help enhance security and lower the chance of fraud. Not only do they look interesting, they feature a unique placement at the perforation line of the ticket and stub so you can immediately tell if the ticket has been tampered with.
  • Unique Barcodes and Numbers are at the forefront of enhanced ticket security and fraud prevention. With an easy-to-scan, special barcode and number on the back of every ticket you print, authenticate tickets with a simple scan, and do it for FREE.
  • Microtext Security Images are extremely difficult to duplicate, which will increase security and decrease the chances of ticket fraud. But best of all, this option is 100% FREE!

Take Control of Your Tickets

If you’re worried about ticket scalpers buying up your best tickets and re-selling them for outlandish fees, try printing the ticket prices right on your event tickets.

You could even come up with staggered ticket prices to accommodate an “open market” theme for your ticket sales. Give your ticket buyers the ability to choose how much they want to spend with secure printed tickets.