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Georgia’s Fightingtown Tavern Host a VIP Pre-Opening Event

By Lance Trebesch March 24, 2014

By Monique Jones for TicketPrinting.com

Blue Ridge, GA has a new addition to its population of restaurants and bars. Fightingtown Tavern had a VIP Pre-Opening Event for its new customers and featured tastings of its whiskeys, 10 local taps, bourbons, and featured appetizers. The event also had fun prize drawings for those in attendance.

Fightingtown Tavern was created by Rhonda and Jim Carruthers, who both came from corporate backgrounds. “For years we have worked behind the scenes to make a difference either with our corporate employers or by ourselves,” they state on the tavern’s website. The two hope to create a business that not only provides for them financially, but to also give back to their community. “It’s not just about doing our part, but about trying to create a legacy of service for our kids and to set an example for others,” they state. “Whether it’s starting a canned food drive, organizing an annual fundraiser for our fire department or working with less fortunate kids in our neighborhood—we want to give back.”Fightingtown-Tavern-Ticket

 The Carruthers themselves explained more about the event. “This was a soft opening for our new tavern where city/county officials, builders, craftsmen, friends, family, and community business leaders were given a behind the scenes tour of the tavern, tried our food and drinks, and gave us an opportunity to thank everyone for all their work on our place,” they said.

The word of mouth for the event was rather easy for the Carruthers. “In this instance, we knew everyone and walked around or just handed them out,” they said. Since they knew everyone they invited, word of mouth was by far the best marketing strategy.

The event was exceptional, even on a night where the weather was less than ideal.

“We had over 100 attendees on a very gloomy, snowy night but it gave everyone a chance to see our place,” they said. “Getting a chance to thank those who worked so hard to make the event happen [was great],” they said when discussing some of the best parts of the night. “We handed out door prizes and everyone seemed to really enjoy that.”

If you’re planning a similar event to Fightingtown Tavern’s pre-opening party, the Carruthers said that promotion is key. “Promote it well.  Make sure people know that it’s ‘something special’ not just for the general public,” they said. “Make sure you recognize each person who enters (even if it means using nametags).  Try and recognized everyone publicly for something – even if it’s just moral support.”

You can learn more about Fightingtown Tavern at its website.