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How to Grab Your Market by the Horns

By Lance Trebesch January 18, 2013

Take Control of Marketing and Design Your Own Stickers

One of the most unique ways businesses have been marketing themselves in the modern era is to print stickers with their logos on them. This simple, yet savvy, marketing ploy encourages consumers to do something they’ve probably never consciously thought of before: spread the word about whatever business printed the sticker.

Without even trying, any consumer who smacks a sticker on their binder, car bumper, or the door to their office is automatically spreading the word about the particular business who printed them.

Why They Should be Stuck on You

Stickers irresistibly beg questions, like, “Where’d you get that?” and “Why do you have that?” Sometimes the answer is as simple as, “Someone gave it to me for free,” or “I love that band!”

But the point of the story is that when you print stickers, you’re opening up an entire world of marketing opportunity for your business.

So, the real question becomes, why wouldn’t you want to print stickers with your logo on them?

How to Design Your Own Stickers

Printing stickers with your business logo on them just got easier, and more fun.

Whereas, with some companies you have to send in your images and wait for the customer service department to process them, which can take up valuable time, now you can upload, format, and order your stickers from the comfort of your own computer, in just a few minutes’ time.

Check out the handy Design Your Own tool. Simply choose your sticker type from the drop down list:

  • Economy Stickers (inexpensive and great for product labels)
  • Bumper Stickers (waterproof, photo-realistic, and fade-resistant)
  • Custom Vinyl Stickers (printed in full-color and made for outdoor use)

Once you’ve targeted your sticker-market and chosen which kind of sticker will work best for you, the rest is really a cinch.

Upload any image you like, whether it’s your business logo, an eye-catching picture with your business name and website below it, or a combination of both. The Design Your Own sticker tool gives you the option to do almost anything you like.

After uploading images, insert lines, text, and even choose the perfect background color to complement your unique look. And don’t worry about where your stickers will be cut, because the user-friendly tool gives you helpful guidelines throughout the entire process.