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“Fight the Famine” Gala and Fundraising Dinner Helps Those Facing Hunger

By Lance Trebesch February 3, 2014

Event Created by the Houston Central Community Service

The Houston Central Community Service held their “Fight the Famine” Gala and Fundraising Dinner January 18 in the hopes of helping the community, especially those facing hunger. The gala and dinner, which was held at the Houston Central Fellowship Hall, also raised awareness about how serious the plight of hunger is in the United States.

Rebecca Bartholomew of the Houston Central Community Service, talked more about the gala and dinner.

“’Fight The Famine’ Silent/Live Auction Gala was a dinner to raise awareness of helping needy families fight famine right here in our own back yard… not in a third world country but right here within the city of Houston,” said Bartholomew. “Our Silent/Live Auction gave our Community Service Food Pantry the opportunity to show a few videos over dinner of what we do as a food pantry and how we also aid the community through disaster relief efforts.”

Bartholomew explained the purpose of the Houston Central Community Service and the relief they provide to those in need.

“Houston Central Community Services Food Pantry works closely with the Houston Food Bank,” she said. “We service individuals whose lives are impacted by hunger in our area serving over 200 families weekly and we are the only food pantry provider open with extended hours.”

To get the word out about the event, the Houston Central Community Service promoted the event with a lot of hard work.

“We marketed our event by writing to over 100 businesses and retail stores for in-kind donations for auctioning items and for monetary sponsorship,” said Bartholomew. “What seemed to have worked best was reaching out to businesses that felt connected to helping those with food. Like the super markets and grocery stores.”

The promotion and hard work paid off. “All in all, the event was a success and everyone is asking when the next one will be,” said Bartholomew. “I think the highlight of the event was after checking in, taking photos at our “red carpet” by our local photographer.”

If you’re looking to create an event similar to the “Fight the Famine” Gala and Fundraising Dinner, Bartholomew said to make sure everything is planned well in advance. “If someone is planning a similar event, I would suggest to start a year in advance to give one time to find the donors that can become your underwriters as well as your in-kind donors for the event,” she said. “Some businesses require a good 90 days to 6 weeks advancement for supporting such charities.”