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Customer Service Tips You Can Bank On

By Lance Trebesch February 28, 2016

Over 80% of TicketPrinting.com customers would use us again. That’s something of which we’re very, very proud. It’s also something we work hard at because, even if you’ve got the best website and product, customer service is the real key to success.   

Of course you know this, but what can you do about it? Thanks to the results of our annual customer service survey, we’ve got a primer on what works best. Incorporate the following basics into your company’s customer service protocol and reap the benefits in the new year:

  1. Personal Engagement: We’ve all been on the phone with a customer service rep who doesn’t listen and, worse, doesn’t seem to care.  Don’t do that to your clients because they’ll do exactly what you would do – take their business elsewhere.  Instead, ask your staff to fully focus and empathize during every interaction. You’ll win happy customers who will recommend your business.
  2. Fast Response: Make it a policy to respond to all customer inquires or issues within a certain time frame and communicate that guarantee to customers.   Then, make it a goal internally to exceed that expectation and follow through as soon as possible. It may seem minor, but we’ve found, whether it’s an inquiry about our event ticket templates or an order issue, few things mitigate a problem or encourage potential customers to commit than a swift, thorough response.
  3. Nothing Too Trivial: Things might be busy at the shop. It could be closing time. It doesn’t matter. Be attentive and patient with every customer and you’ll be rewarded with loyalty. How do we know? This quote is from one of our most recent survey’s respondents: “Your team member was very gracious in answering my questions. We have been using your service since 2010, but I took over a few years ago. No question is ever too trivial.  Congratulations and thank you for a great crew.”