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3 Ways to Get Wrapped Up in Event Security

By Lance Trebesch November 10, 2012

Print Wristbands with the Best Security Features for Your Event

Event security is usually a top concern for event-planners. While you want to welcome the general public to purchase tickets to your event, you certainly don’t want to let people in for free. You’ve worked hard to plan your event and book the latest entertainment. The last thing you need is people getting into your event without paying their dues.

Tickets and ticket stubs can be difficult for any fan to hold onto in the midst of a concert or multi-day festival. Once they enter the venue and start enjoying the music, holding on to their ticket stubs is often the farthest thing from their minds.

That’s why wristbands are such a great idea. Not only do wristbands stay on your attendee’s wrists instead of in their pockets, they can also be printed with unique security features to help you prevent fraud.

 Top 3 Security Features for Wristbands

  1. Hologram Wristbands: Made from durable Dupont Tyvek, these paper-like wristbands give your event the extra security it needs with strategically placed holograms. Lower the chance of fraud at your event by using Hologram Wristbands that are easy for any staff-member to identify.
  2. Stub Wristbands: These wristbands are so versatile you can even use them as tickets! Lightweight, dependable and made out of Dupont Tyvek, Stub Wristbands can be printed in almost every color of the rainbow so you can distinguish between artists, VIPs, and the general fans.
  3. Vinyl Wristbands: Featuring the brilliance of clear printing from a high-speed thermal printer, Vinyl Wristbands allow you to print the cleanest possible version of your text and image. Choose from a waterproof option (perfect for multi-day use) and a durable option that’s great for 1-day use.